University Hospital Erlangen debuts at children’s film festival

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The Mascot of the Golden Sparrow ©Medizin3/Uniklinik Erlangen

Inflammation game is played in the festival programme

On Sunday, 02 June 2019, the German Children’s Media Festival was ceremoniously opened in Gera. As part of the “Digital Knowledge & Learning to Touch and Try” competition, the learning game INFLAMMANIA – Fight for Cure competes with six other digital learning offers for the Golden Sparrow. According to the FAU motto “Knowledge in Motion”, the Inflammation Game takes the University Hospital Erlangen of the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg into completely new branches and lets it debut as a medical-scientific research institution at a film festival.

In addition to websites and apps, the five-person children’s jury will examine and award prizes to games, virtual reality offerings and multi-content platform projects. Under the motto “Food for the Brain”, this year’s offerings are intended to impart knowledge and support learning at school or for life.

It remains very exciting whether INFLAMMANIA can also inspire these children.

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