Translational programm für young researchers

The main aim of the integrated research training group is to train students from different disciplines such as molecular medicine, molecular life sciences, biology, pharmacy and medicine in basic and clinical research.

The key elements of the training program are as follows:

  • Mentoring: Each graduate will be supervised by a minimum of one basic scientist and one clinical researcher in monthly meetings and will be coached concerning his/her research work and training schedule.
  • Bi-weekly ‘jour fix’: The graduates organize meetings every two weeks which will be supervised by one CRC1181 principle investigator. The meetings offer the possibility (i) to get an overview of all CRC1181 projects, (ii) to present and discuss own data, (iii) for information exchange and development of ideas, (iv) presentation and discussion of technical difficulties and solutions of methological problems and as well (v) for integration of new IRTG members.
  • Training workshops: In the framework of the IRTG we will offer ongoing specific workshops and practical courses.
  • Seminars: The graduates organize different seminars to get insights in other fields as well as into economics.
  • Publicity: The graduates will be involved in scientific organizations such as the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften in Erlangen and inform about their respective field of study and career possibilities.

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