Congresses / Symposia


March CRC1181 Review Board Meeting, Erlangen, Germany  All
 Feb Jahrestagung DGHM, Bochum, Germany A08
Jan 2nd Meeting of the Study Group “Dendritic Cells”, Mainz, Germany Organizer A07


Dec Internationales Forschungsmarketing – aus Franken in die Welt, Erlangen, Germany “Game In Flame” – spielerische Informationskampagne rund um Entzündungen im Körper Z03
Nov CRC1181 Annual Meeting, Waischenfeld, Germany Retreat All
Indiegame Forum, Dresden, Germany Game In Flame Booth Z03
American Congress of Rheumatology (ACR), Washington, USA A01 / A03 / C01 / C03
4th CRC1181 Minisymposium, Erlangen, Germany Inflammation meets Physics All
Oct Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft, Erlangen, Germany Game In Flame Booth IRTG / Z03
Annual meeting of rheumatology, Anhui, China Translational medicine in inflammatory diseases A01
Sept 47. Annual Meeting of the German Society for Immunology, Erlangen, Germany Game In Flame Booth IRTG / Z03
In-depth analysis of human tissue DCs for better cancer vaccine
design (Dudziak)
Inflammatory bowel diseases (Neurath) B02
Hypoxia-induced dormancy in Coxiella burnetii is regulated by the
activation status of STAT3 (Fischer)
Regulation of ILC2 during fibroinflammatory and infectious diseases (Wirtz) A08
The transcription factor NFATc3 promotes intestinal inflammation by suppression of regulatory T cells (Gerlach) B02
CD101 inhibits chronic intestinal inflammation (Mattner) C04
Induction and resolution of inflammation in the joints (Schett) A01
45. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie Game In Flame Booth IRTG / Z03
July MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Metabolic regulation of ILC mediated barrier immunity (Prof Christoph Wilhelm, Bonn, Germany) A02
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Antibodies and tissue-resident memory T cells in LCMV infection (Prof Hanspeter Pircher, Freiburg, Germany) C04
June European League Against Rheumatism Congress, Madrid, Spain A01
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Infection and immune control of human tumor viruses in vivo (Prof Christian Münz, Zürich, Switzerland) A07
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Modulation of dendritic cells by bacterial pathogens (Dr. Stella Autenrieth, Tübingen, Germany) A07
May 17th International European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting, Dubrovnik, Croatia Z02
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Ontogeny of the intestinal mucosal host response to infection (Prof. Mathias Hornef, Aachen Germany) C05
Day of Immunology Game In Flame Booth IRTG
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Macrophage development – does origin matter? (Prof. Christian Schulz, Munich, Germany) A02
March 21st Symposium Infection and Immunity; Rothenfels, Germany  The host immune response in Coxiella burnetii infection: factors controlling resolution versus chronic Q-fever (Kohl)  A06
3rd CRC1181 Minisymposium, Erlangen, Germany Resolution of Inflammation All
OSTEOLOGIE 2017, Erlangen, Germany Game In Flame Booth IRTG / Z03
James Lane Lecturer, Washingten, USA C03
Tagung Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Dermatologie, Göttingen, Germany Generalized pustular psoriasis as an oligogenic disease and further evidence for significant younger age of disease manifestation in carriers of IL36RN mutations (Hüffmeier)  A05
 Feb Arbeitstreffen “Dendritic Cells” der deutschen Gesellschaft für Immunologie, Mainz, Germany  A07


Nov American Congress of Rheumatology (ACR), Washington, USA Novel Mechanism Mediated By the IL-23/Th17 Axis Contributing to Auto-Immune Arthritis  A03
Fibroblast Growth Factor 9/ Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 Signaling Is Upstream of Several Profibrotic Pathways and Induces Fibroblast Activation and Tissue Fibrosis in SSc C01
High Fat Diet Alleviates Antigen-Induced Arthritis Severity in Male Mice By Enhancing Both Treg and B10 Cells A01
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Identity and pro-inflammatory function of human 6-sulfo LacNAc (slan) dendritic cells (Prof. Knut Schäkel, Heidelberg, Germany) Host A07
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Gut reactions: Immune pathways in the intestine in health and disease (Prof. Fiona Powrie, Oxford, UK) Host C04
Oct World Arthritis Day 2016, Erlangen, Germany The Future in Your Hand Z01
2nd CRC1181 Minsymposium, Erlangen, Germany Instestinal Inflammation and Resolution CRC1181
July RTG1181 Retreat: Joint retreat with CIM/IMPRS Münster and IRTG 914 Munich at Kloster Schöntal, Germany Immune Cells, Vessels and Beyond Z01
June MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany mTOR and macrophage homeostasis (Prof. Thomas Weichhart, Vienna) Host A03
CRC1181 Imaging symposium, Erlangen, Germany CRC1181
Physica Medica Lecture, Erlangen, Germany Nuclear biomechanics and cellular phenotype (Prof. Kris Noel Dahl, Pittsburgh) Host Z02
 Osteoimmunology, Crete, Greece Bone marrow niche and hematopoietic stem cell differentiation are regulated by the microbiota A01 / A03 / A08
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Regulation of human T helper cell subsets by the microenvironment in heath and disease (Prof. Dr. Christina Zielinski,  Munich) Host A07
MICE Seminar, Erlangen, Germany Antibodies and tissue-resident memory T cells in LCMV infection (Prof. Hanspeter Pircher, Freiburg) Host C04
May Tagung der Europäischen Gesellschaft für Humangenetik, Barcelona, Spain Analyses of candidate genes and genotype – phenotype analyses in pustular psoriasis (Hüffmeier) A05
April 1st CRC1181 Minisymposium, Erlangen, Germany Innate Control of Inflammation CRC1181
JCR2016 Scientific Meeting, Kanagawa, Japan Th2 and eosinophil responses suppress inflammatory arthritis (Schett) A01
Symposium on International Congress on Autoimmunity (ICA), Leipzig, Germany Autoantibodies and joint destruction in autoimmune disease (Schett) A01
March Advances in Targeted Therapies, Palma de Mallorca, Spain Leukocyte activation by urate crystals (Herrmann) C03
Tagung der Gesellschaft für Humangenetik, Lübeck, Germany Analysis of further genes participating in the IL-36 pathway in patients with generalized pustular psoriasis from Germany (Ebertsch) A05
Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Forschung – AG Genetik, Lübeck, Germany Analyses of candidate genes and genotype-phenotype analyses in pustular psoriasis (Hüffmeier) A05
Feb European Workshop of Rheumatology Research (EWRR), York, UK A novel pathway for the regulation and resolution of arthritis (Schett) A01
Jan Wissenschaft im Schloss, Erlangen, Germany Entzündungen – Wie entstehen sie und wofür braucht sie der Körper (Schett) CRC1181


Dec CRC1181 Kick-off Meeting, Bad Staffelstein, Germany Retreat (all) A01-Z02
CFCD Annual Meeting DC oncology functional specialization and targeting, Paris, France Understanding DC subset functions and development of future cancer therapies (Dudziak) A07
Nov American Congress of Rheumatology (ACR), San Francisco, USA Neutrophils in the Resolution of Inflammation (Herrmann) C03
ACR Scientific meeting, San Francisco, USA Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Resolution of Gout (Herrmann) C03
Annual Meeting of the Dept. of Immunmodulation Resolution Mechanisms and Coupling with Tophus Formation (Steinkasserer) B03
G-CAN meeting, San Francisco, USA Resolution Mechanisms and Coupling with Tophus Formation (Herrmann) C03
Beograd University seminar series, Beograd, Serbia Initiation and resolution of sterile inflammation (Herrmann)  C03
Oct 43. Jahrestagung – Gesellschaft für Gastroenterologie in Bayern e.V., Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany CED-Schmerzempfindung und Resistenzmechanismen unter anti-TNF-Therapie (R. Atreya)  C02
United European Gastroenterology UEG Week 2015, Barcelona Spain  CASP8 inhibition in CD4+ T cells blocks chronic intestinal inflammation C02
Sept Novel Concepts in Innate Immunity, Tübingen, Germany DC subpopulation specific changes of the cross-presentation machinery under inflammatory conditions (Dudziak) A07
Antigen targeting of Fc-receptors induces strong T cell responses in vivo (Lehmann) A07
4th European Congress of Immunology, Vienna, Austria DC subpopulation specific changes of the cross-presentation machinery under inflammatory conditions (Dudziak) A07
Antigen targeting of Fc-receptors induces strong T cell responses in vivo (Lehmann) A07
Resolution of inflammation by neutrophil NETosis – a clue for understanding gout (Herrmann) C03
11th International Congress on SLE, Vienna, Austria Cell death in the etiopathogenesis of SLE (Herrmann) C03
12th conference on antibodies, Dresden, Germany Glycosylation of autoantibodies as inflammatory marker (Herrmann) C03
Serbia Rheumatology Congress, Mountain Zlatibor, Serbia Can we ever taper or even stop anti-rheumatic drugs in RA? (Schett) A01
Hungarian Rheumatology Congress, Szeged, Hungaria Tapering and stopping DMARDs in rheumatoid arthritis (Schett) A01
July GRK seminar SFB 914, Munich, Germany NETosis (Herrmann) C03